21 January 2018


When I was young

I used to wish

I would fit in.

I'm glad

I didn't

get my wish!

~Steve Maraboli

It's OK to live a life

others don't understand.

I know we all have those moments

where we might wish for

something different.

But I'm finally in a place where

it just doesn't matter

that I'm not a normal woman!

I never have been,

but I used to apologize for it.

Not anymore.

20 January 2018


Be Bold

Be brave enough to be your true self!

Just a quick selfie on a dreary day -

no sun, a little rain

and wind bringing in cold temps!

I was surprised when I opened this shot --

and know that I couldn't duplicate it if I tried!

Work life has been pleasantly slowing down -

not yet a crawl, but at the end of this past week,

I'm finally seeing daylight!

My son came over to help replace a shutoff valve

so the dishwasher could be installed -- and I'm such

a lucky mom, he installed it and I didn't have to wait!

I cooked him dinner, we had a nice visit, and I sent

him on his way, tucking a little extra cash in his pocket!