24 April 2018

Much Better!

Thank you

for all your good wishes ......

I am feeling much better

and took a stroll around the yard

after my evening shower .....

And it's "Hello, Summer!"  

We hit the (dreaded) first 100 degree day!

(and yes, my AC is on!) 

Have a happy, healthy week! 

21 April 2018


Thursday, around 2pm,

I started feeling really

really terrible.

So I headed home.

And crawled straight

in to bed.

Three hours later

and every hour thereafter

I was running to the bathroom.

Turns out,

food poisoning!

I woke up Friday morning

and had lost 10 lbs overnight!

Not good!!

As much as I wanted

to do a happy dance

I knew this wasn't the way.

I'm resting lots

and taking good care of ME!

Laugh all you want, but a photo

with 10 lbs less is a much wanted photo

in my opinion!